Improve First Time Fix Rates

Providing repair services for fleet customers requires a responsive, flexible and experienced workforce. Maintenance technicians must be prepared to service multiple makes and models, different transmission types and sometimes specialty vehicles. XRMentor® delivers how to guides to technicians increasing consistency of preventive maintenance procedures, reducing call backs.



Instructor-led and self-guided training enhanced with augmented reality

ClassroomXR™ Live Training

Experts conduct live, remote training while trainees can watch from their facility.

Easy to use authoring platform

Create how-to guides and short video instruction in the cloud.

Mobile app create and share

Download how-to guides on the mobile app and watch recorded training videos.

Remote Video Collaboration

Make video calls to company experts to get real time assistance.


Support New Hires 1:1 in Real Time and Return to Service Faster

Remote video collaboration allows experts to instruct new employees one on one in real time or provide troubleshooting assistance return equipment to service faster.

  • Real time, live instruction from an expert to remote employees
  • Remote employees demonstrate ability and explain solutions to remote instructors or experts
  • Connect between mobile devices or from mobile devices to laptops

Return Customers to Service with Improved Preventive Maintenance

Self-Guided procedures are available on any device, anytime to ensure compliance to best practices. Provide “How-To” Guides for completing effective preventive maintenance inspections

  • Deploy self-guided procedures for different makes and models
  • Share videos to all employees at click of a button
  • Use pictures and 3d models to show examples to improve service or part replacement decision making

Hear from Industry Experts

"XRMENTOR® Virtual Equipment Training enables training to include actual and virtual parts, systems and vehicles in one solution. Additionally, with XRMENTOR®, training content can be supplied quickly and easily to technicians on mobile devices in addition to HoloLens headsets."
Commercial Carrier Journal
“Augmented and virtual reality are prime tools to engage and teach tech-savvy younger generations, that ultimately have to find their way into our workplace. Currently XRMENTOR® is working with the ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council to develop an AR game."
Heavy Duty Trucking
"The emphasis really is on training tools where people can collaborate, share between and within organizations to prevent `{`coronavirus`}` exposure, but still do it in an effective manner, XRMENTOR® provides its users with that capability."
Transport Topics