Release Information

Release Date: 05/03/22

Release Time: 1700 EST (5:00 PM EST)

Expected Downtime: n/a

Product Notes

Hello everyone,

Our team is excited to announce new features to the XRMentor™ experience!

Mobile Application Refresh

Users of the mobile application are in for a nice surprise. The mobile application has received a significant facelift.  The interface usability has been dramatically improved while retaining the ability to create and share new content across the enterprise.

ClassroomXR Added to Mobile Application

ClassroomXR™ has been added to the mobile application on both iOS and Android devices.  Employees can now watch a live, instructor led class from their phone, tablet or continue to watch from their Windows computer or devices like Tough pads. 

Camera Swapping in ClassroomXR

This release also includes the much anticipated Screen Swapping feature  Screen Swapping allows an instructor who has launched a Classroom to switch the camera view from the Hololens2 to their computer screen or a webcam.  

This dramatically increases the flexibility for instructors.  They retain the value of streaming first person, hands on training demonstrations with augmented reality but now can provide different viewpoints and improve the overall training experience. 

*This update will impact the web portal.  To take advantage of this new release you will need to clear your cookies in Chrome. Instructions are provided below the contact information,

HoloLens Application Update

Finally, the team has enhanced the HoloLens application with some minor updates and usability enhancements.

We hope you continue to get great value out of XRMentor™ and enjoy the feature updates.