Release Information

Release Date: 11/03/21Release Time: 1700 EST (5:00 PM EST)

Expected Downtime: 2 – 4 hours
HoloLens Build Link (Available at 6:00 PM EST): Dropbox
Full Release Notes: XRMentor™ Knowledge Base

Product Manager’s NotesHello everyone,
Our team is excited to announce a couple of new features on our Web Portal!
SSO Support
We now officially support SSO logins!
SSO will allow your organization to securely provision and manage user accounts on XRMentor without having to use our internal mechanisms.
Additionally, modern IT organizations often require SSO to protect infrastructure and critical environments.
It should be noted that SSO is turned off by default. Organizations can still use the existing login mechanisms indefinitely. SSO is a purely optional feature. If your organization is interested, please reach out to Michael Griffith ( for more information.

Table UpdatesThe XRMentor team has also been working to update and improve the table experience on the web portal. Previously, our table structure was rigid and had limited options. Now, with this release, users will now be able to expand columns, right click, and left click table items to access new functionality! Please see the quick tutorial video below for more details!

The above video demonstrates selecting a row entry, opening the context menu (right click on a row OR select the ellipses), expanding/shrinking rows, sorting columns, and left clicking an row name to open the work item. 

Please visit the Knowledge Base article linked at the top of this e-mail for more details about what else has changed in this release!

As always, please feel free to reach out to me or the team if you have any questions about upcoming changes or product suggestions!