Release Date: 12/16/22

Release Time: 7:00 AM  EST

Expected Downtime: n/a

We are excited to bring a new product release to our customers with some exciting new features and significant updates to improve XRMentor™’s usability and performance.

Here’s some of what’s new in version 

[HL – 4.1.223501] 

[Mobile – 4.0.22350.6]

[Web portal – 20221117.1]

Newly Redesigned Mobile Application

Our mobile application has received a significant refresh with updates that will dramatically improve the usability of the app.  Users will now be able to select specific media and watch in purpose-built galleries and media players, and the new breadcrumbing feature will improve navigation through Procedures and Steps.

Updates to Mobile Remote Collaboration

Remote Collaboration received an overhaul on both iOS and Android, making it more reliable as we continue to support the ability to make calls across platforms between mobile devices, as well as to and from the web portal. 

Content Management

For those building big libraries, the new content management feature will be a huge benefit. Authors can now organize Procedures into meaningful folders, improving the usability and organization of content in the portal.  The sorting and filtering of content at the portal has also been updated making it easier for authors to find specific Procedures and content. The new folder structure will also be available to users in the HoloLens and Mobile applications via a system toggle.

Other Updates

  • Procedure workflow updates have been made to the HoloLens application to provide a simpler user experience
  • Various performance updates have been made to the HoloLens application to provide a smoother feel to moving, resizing, and placing AR elements in space
  • Various bug fixes across all three platforms
  • Added support for multi-tenant database structure to provide users the option of a discrete back-end data structure for their organization

Who does this impact?

The release impacts both authors and end users of the application on the web based authoring platform, HoloLens 2 and mobile app on both iOS and Android.

When do the changes go into effect?

The updates were pushed into production Friday, December 16th.  Updates to the authoring portal are immediate.  Updates to the applications accessible through the Microsoft, Google and iOS stores are rolling out and should be available soon. 

Action to take?

You should update the application on the HoloLens 2 and mobile devices.  You should be able to just select “update” from each of the respective application stores.  

How do I get help or learn more?

If you have problems with the update you can contact your dedicated implementation manager.  If you want to learn more you can discuss with your implementation manager or contact us at