XRMentor™ Releases AR Mobile Authoring Feature

Orlando, FL

Improving Maintenance Training

Previously, firms may have hesitated to adopt an augmented reality training solution. These firms assumed adopting augmented reality required a significant hardware expenditure and expert software developers to deploy.   In direct response to the need for a lower cost option, Design Interactive announces the addition of Mobile Authoring to their XRMentor™ augmented reality maintenance and repair software. For the first time, firms can use mobile devices to create augmented reality procedures without the need for expensive hardware equipment or a software developer.  Using the XRMentor™ platform, procedures and training modules can be shared across and between 

Decreasing the Cost of AR Software Solutions

XRMentor™’s newest feature eliminates the need for expert software developers and expensive hardware expenditures to create spatialized augmented reality procedures and training modules.  Previously, a firm would have required devices like the Microsoft HoloLens to create and spatialize each step, picture or video in the field.  Now, a learning and development expert or any authorized technician can use the mobile devices they already have and use every day.

A technician or learning and development expert can rapidly create, edit and save procedures directly from their mobile device in field.  Imagine a firm that has a need to create training for wheel on inspection of air disc brakes or tire analysis and needs to source examples of corrosion, cracks or wear.   Technicians can now capture pictures or short how to videos using their phone or tablet, add them to an existing procedure and save to the cloud.  Now across the enterprise all technicians have the most up to date maintenance and repair content, with the examples of what is occurring in the field to assist them.  Learning and development experts can use this same process to add real, relevant and recent content to their training modules as well, using nothing more than the phone in their pocket.

Now across the enterprise all technicians have the most up to date maintenance and repair content

Mobile Authoring makes XRMentor™ the most accessible, easy to use and cost-effective augmented reality solution.  AR Mobile Device Authoring eliminates the need for large capital investments in hardware, lets a firm use existing IT infrastructure and provides technicians the opportunity to contribute content keeping maintenance and training procedures up to date, Matt Johnston, ATA Chair, Design Interactive Commercial Solutions Division Head.

When used in tandem with the platforms Remote Collaboration Video Calling feature the XRMentor™ suite is a comprehensive, affordable AR solution designed to address the present and future needs of the industry.  For more information regarding the AR mobile authoring feature and how to schedule a product demo today, visit XRMentor.net

About XRMentor™:  Developed by Design Interactive, a family owned human factors engineering firm, XRMentor™ is an easy to use Augmented Reality software solution designed for Fleet Maintenance and repair. It gives companies the ability to enhance their traditional maintenance processes and instantly Replicate Your Experts® knowledge.