One of the largest annual aftermarket conferences is AAPEX, with about 161,938 attendees and 71,350 of those attendees being buyers. AAPEX is the place to be when it comes to learning, trying and potentially buying anything in the aftermarket space. Spanning two days industry professionals could expect to attend networking events and seminars in addition to exploring the booths of thousands of vendors. Design Interactive’s XRMentor™ team partnered with MOTOR Information Systems to showcase how useful XRMentor™ augmented reality technology can be to the automotive industry.

Companies have started to investigate augmented reality training software

Developed by Design Interactive, a family owned technology company, XRMentor™ is an augmented reality software for maintenance training and repair. This software provides its users the ability to create, publish and apply their own content onto a Microsoft HoloLens or mobile device. In addition to the products ease of use, it is easily adaptable by automotive mechanics regardless of their technology level. However, with the need forr younger technicians to enter the field, automotive companies have started to investigate AR training and troubleshooting software to help attract the next generation of techs who are already familiar with this type of technology

XRMentor™ brings interactivity and hands-on learning into the shop

Associated with MOTOR Information Systems, Design Interactive showcased its flagship product, XRMentor™, to over 160,000 attendees. The partnership demonstrated a concept product that utilizes the more than 8.9 billion data relationships behind all of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers. The concept demos utilized XRMentor™’s new virtual equipment training functionality to demonstrate how easy it is to educate newly hired technicians.

The “F150 Demo” featured multiple parts of a 21-point inspection by demonstrating part location and identification, wiring & parts diagrams, OEM video instruction, and Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) info. Rather than offering technicians mobile and/or desktop video training solutions, XRMentor™ brings interactivity and hands-on learning into the shop – even when training parts or classrooms are not available. This leap in instruction not only increases retention, but is the perfect tool for improving your techs knowledge during downtime between repair jobs. Using integrated MOTOR™ data, shop owners can be confident their technicians are receiving accurate and standardized training in an industry that is constantly evolving while not forgetting its roots.

Investing in technician training can be incredibly expensive considering the travel, shipping, and time costs associated with leading this effort on a per shop basis. With XRMentor™, up-to-date repair procedures are rapidly shared across your enterprise over multiple locations.

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