Design Interactive will be launching XRMentor™, an augmented reality troubleshooting application for fleet and transportation maintenance, March 5-8 at the 2018 Annual Transportation Technology TMC Conference in Atlanta, GA.

XRMentor™ is the first purpose-built augmented reality application to support both stand alone and enterprise wide diagnostics and repair for the transportation industry. If you are responsible for authoring and disseminating standard operating procedures, training, or rapidly
addressing asset utilization issues related to tractor and trailer maintenance, XRMentor™ was designed for you.

Let’s say a tractor arrives at a maintenance facility for scheduled maintenance and the driver communicates an issue to the technician, maybe an odd vibration or the tractor is pulling one direction or another. XRMentor™ is designed to direct a less experienced technician from
the problem to the most probable causes and guide them through test procedures to avoid costs associated with ineffective troubleshooting.

XRMentor™ also enables company maintenance experts to rapidly author or edit new procedures. This helps you adopt new recommended practices from the American Trucking Association and address changes in procedure as part vendors bring new products to market. You can then share these new procedures across the entire enterprise. Since XRMentor™ is deployed on the safety rated Microsoft HoloLens, all of this content
is presented directly on the tractor or trailer, exactly where a technician would consume it. Why review a 45 minute tire analysis video in a break room when you can get the 30 second snippet you need right at the tire you are analyzing? Join DI at the ATA’s TMC Conference and get a hands on demonstration of XRMentor™.

TMC Conference Details

Who: Design Interactive Booth: 1543 What: 2018 Annual Meeting & Transportation
Technology Exhibition When: March 5 – 8, 2018 Where: Georgia World Congress Center,
Atlanta, Ga.

For more information on XRMentor™ or DI’s virtual, augmented and mixed reality training solutions, contact Matt Johnston at .

Updated June 2020.