We are excited to bring a new product release to our customers with some exciting new features and significant updates to improve XRMentor®’s usability and performance.

Here’s some of what’s new in Version v20230519.1

Updates to ClassroomXR™

ClassroomXR receives the first of a series of updates. Attendee’s joining the classroom from the web portal can now share a connected camera to live-stream to the instructor. Instructors can also control the video source in focus for all participants, choosing from their own screen, headset or choosing an attendee’s stream to highlight.  Upcoming releases will continue to build upon this feature for ClassroomXR, allowing participants to stream video from mobile devices and the RealWear Navigator 500 series head-mounted device.

Updated Login Experience

The login experience across all platforms has been updated to include user selection of tenant ID. This selection streamlines the login process.

Other updates

  • Performance and usability improvements to the web portal and HoloLens 2 applications

Who does this impact?

The release impacts both instructors and attendees of ClassroomXR™ sessions.

When do the changes go into effect?

The updates were pushed into production Friday, May 19th. Updates to the authoring portal are immediate. Updates to the applications accessible through the Microsoft, Google and iOS stores are rolling out and should be available soon. 

Action to take?

You should update the application on the HoloLens 2 and mobile devices. You should be able to just select “update” from each of the respective application stores. 

How do I get help or learn more?

If you have problems with the update, you can contact your dedicated implementation manager. If you want to learn more, you can discuss with your implementation manager or contact us at contact@xrmentor.net.