Why have your technicians review a 45 minute tire analysis video in a break room when they can get the 30 second snippet they need right at the tires you are analyzing on the shop floor? The extra time wasted ultimately results in massive costs to an organization. Following the success of the 2018 Annual Transportation Technology Exhibition in Atlanta, DI’s Matt Johnston will be demonstrating XRMentor™ , an augmented reality troubleshooting application for fleet and transportation maintenance, to the South Carolina Trucking Association April 10 in Columbia, SC.

XRMentor™ is a purpose built augmented reality application that supports diagnostics and repair for the transportation industry. If you are responsible to authoring and disseminating standard operating procedures, training or rapidly addressing asset utilization issues related to
tractor and trailer maintenance, XRMentor™ was designed for you.

A truck arrives at a maintenance facility and the driver communicates an issue to the technician, maybe an odd vibration or the tractor is pulling one direction or another. XRMentor™ walks the technician, possibly a new hire, from the problem to the most likely probable causes and guides them through test procedures to avoid costs associated with ineffective

South Carolina Trucking Association Schedule

Date: April 10, 2018
Time: 3:00 – 4:30 pm
Topic: XRMentor™, augmented reality for eet maintenance
Location: 100 Independence Blvd, Columbia, SC 29210
Registration: Joint Council Learning Solution

Company experts can rapidly author or edit new procedures and send them instantaneously across the enterprise. This increases adoption of new recommended practices from the American Trucking Association, and addresses changes in procedure as part vendors bring new product to market. You can then share these new procedures across the entire enterprise.

XRMentor™ comes as a stand-alone tool where procedures can be authored within the Microsoft HoloLens and saved locally to an enterprise server. For an enterprise-wide solution, DI partners with Atheer to provide XRMentor™ powered by Atheer to enable content to be created from a centralized web-accessible solution that also manages users and devices while providing a record of user activity. For more information on XRMentor™ or DI’s virtual, augmented and mixed reality
training solutions, contact Matt Johnston at matthew@designinteractive.net.

Updated June 2020.